EU says Africans must demand more accountability from leaders

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The European Union (EU) parliament has appealed for strengthening of Africa’s legislative organs like the Pan African Parliament (PAP).

The EU says this is key to addressing challenges including long-running conflicts.

PAP’s final week kicks off on Monday in Midrand.

Scores of Africans risk life and limb daily to flee armed conflicts occurring mainly north of the equator and there are few options to survive the crossfire is either hide to avoid being killed and maimed by crossfire or risk death by drowning in stormy seas in a bid to reach Europe’s shores.

The conflicts are spread across Africa’s central, Eastern, Northern and North Western regions.

Coordinator Security & Defence policy of the EU Michael Gahler says the refugee crisis that they are facing is a consequence of conflict and economic instability in large parts of Africa.

“Here in South Africa you are getting movements from the North and we in Europe are getting movement from the North of the Equator they are heading towards Europe through Libya.”

The EU parliament believes one solution is to support African legislators financially.

“On the positive side this area of security is one which works well with the European Union which we are supporting activities of African Union in Mali, Central African Republic and Somalia. Africans can settle their own conflicts with finance and logistical support,” adds Gahler.

African Parliamentarians say they’re up to the challenge.

The EU Parliament says Africans must demand more accountability from leaders on how aid money is spent.

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– By SABC TV News