Eskom says there is a probability of more load-shedding on Monday. It says power grid constraints due to breakdowns at various sub-stations have prompted the implementation of rotational Stage 2 load-shedding from 1pm to 10pm on Sunday.

Eskom acting head of generation, Andrew Etzinger says they are working towards addressing the problems at two of its power stations.

“Particular power stations which have been problematic over the past week; we have Matla power stations and Medupi power station. Malta is a very old power station; Medupi a very new power station – and at both we’ve seen significant problems arise in the week that’s just come. Last night what also happened is that the power station that supplies us from Mozambique for about 4 hours was out of service as well. So it has been once again a number of events which have conspired against us unfortunately it does constitute load-shedding and we apologise for that to the country.”

In a statement the power utility says the move will preserve resources in order to prevent further load-shedding in the week.

Stage-2 load-shedding aims to cut 2000 megawatts off the power grid nationally.

Load-shedding schedules for various areas are available on Eskom’s website.