Eskom says it will not be implementing load shedding on Wednesday as the situation on the power grid has improved and several power units have been returned to the grid.

However, the power utility has warned that the system remains vulnerable and load shedding could be implemented at short notice.

The power utility also urged South Africans to use electricity sparingly.

“Load shedding may continue for the next 18 months”

During a media briefing late last month, Eskom said consumers are likely to experience continued load shedding for the next 18 months.

CEO Andre de Ruyter further described load shedding as unavoidable and regrettable.

“In the past, we have neglected to perform scheduled maintenance that is required and those legacies are clearly now coming home and causing us to have unreliable equipment. This will result in the fact that or cause us to, have an increased probability of load shedding over the medium term,” said de Ruyter.