Eskom increases plans to improve energy generation: Ramokgopa

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The Minister of Electricity, Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, says during the summer period, Eskom increased its planned maintenance in efforts to improve the reliability of energy generation and supply.

Ramokgopa says the increased planned load losses have had a positive impact on the degree to which load shedding is implemented. However, Ramokgopa says planned maintenance will be reduced as the winter season inches closer.

Ramokgopa was addressing the media this morning in Pretoria.

“You’ll see that as we move into the winter period, the colder days, we’re going to bring down the planned capacity or planned outages. To bring down the planned outages, it means that we are ramping up on available capacity so that we are able to meet demand, and we don’t see the intensification of load shedding.”