Employers urged to comply with minimum wage adjustment

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The United Domestic Workers of South Africa (UDWOSA) is calling for employers to abide by the minimum wage adjustment and for the Department of Labour to enforce compliance.

Domestic workers’ wages increase by 9.7% from March 1.

The department says domestic workers should be paid R25.42 per hour.

This will translate to approximately R4000 per month for 40 hours a week and approximately R4.500 rand for those who work 45 hours a week.

The department says the increases will benefit close to 900 000 domestic workers, mainly women.

UDWOSA president Pinky Mashiane says, “There are a lot of problems when coming to minimum wages in the domestic work sector. First, the national minimum wage looks good on paper but some employers are not complying at all because they are not bothered by anyone.”

She adds: “We are asking the Department of Labour to implement the national minimum wage and to enforce those employers that are not complying. Because we know many are not complying. There are beautiful laws that are covering domestic workers but there is non-compliance. [Some employers] are not bothered by anyone, they are doing as they please in their properties.”

The video below is reporting more on the story: