Employers plan to interdict Numsa strike

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Employers in the plastic sector are planning to interdict National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa’s (Numsa) so called “National Plastic Shutdown.”

This comes after the trade union embarked on a nationwide strike which affected over 450 companies in the plastic sector. The union is demanding a 15% increase.

Employers in the plastic sector are threatening to dismiss workers affiliated to the Numsa. This comes after workers participated in what employers say is an illegal strike.

However, the trade union calls this a scare tactic. Numsa has criticised the National Minimum Wage of R20 per hour saying it lends itself to exploiting and abusing workers.

It claims employers are planning to slash wages from R40 an hour to R20 an hour, take away bonuses and increase 40 hour week to 45 with no over time.

Numsa is demanding a 15 per cent wage hike. The union says it is against the changes to workers’ wages and benefit structure.

It wants them to remain the same.