The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) say they are disappointed Johannesburg City Mayor Herman Mashaba has resigned.

Mashaba called the Democratic Alliance (DA) the most difficult partner in the city’s coalition arrangement.

After scooping the DA’s chairperson portfolio, veteran politician Helen Zille, was denounced by some as being emblematic of the party’s return to white domination.

The EFF in a statement say they are deeply disappointed by the resignation of Mashaba.

“The EFF notes with disappointment, the resignation of Herman Mashaba as Executive Mayor of Johannesburg effective ‪on 27 November, 2019. Of all the mayors who presided over opposition coalition governments in hung municipalities, following the outcomes of the 2016 local government elections, Herman Mashaba is the only one who never arrogated himself into a leadership style as if the DA had won with an outright majority.”

Prior to his resignation, Mashaba indicated that he would call it quits, should what he calls the ‘right wing aligned DA faction’ wins.

The EFF has hailed his decision to leave the party, “We congratulate him for the decisiveness of abounding a DA that has clearly turned right-wing. There is absolutely no doubt that the election of Helen Zille as Federal Chairperson is a turn to the right in the DA which should necessitate all social democrats to abandon it once and for all.

Helen Zille represents a colour-blind white caucus that seeks to live life as if there is no racism and the brutal history of apartheid in South Africa. This worldview will result in policies that only entrench white privileged and power in the economy and social life,” said the EFF in a statement.