EFF accuses media of sabotaging election campaign

EFF's Julius Malema
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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has accused the media of a blackout regarding its election campaigns.

EFF President, Julius Malema said this during a walkabout on Tuesday at the Easter Rand show in Nasrec, South of Johannesburg.

Malema has dismissed reports that there are internal divisions weakening the party’s election campaign. He says it is the media that does not cover the EFF campaigns.

“We thought the problem was Hlaudi. We thought the problem was Jimmy Matthews, but now it is clear the problem is not individuals. The problem is institutionalised. The ruling party is using the SABC as its mouth piece. It is manipulating the SABC. And this goes to all of you. That is the attitude you have taken as the media and we are fine with it. We cannot expect the eNCA to cover us the same way they cover the DA. It is pro the establishment.”

Malema says the EFF is also open to the idea of entering into coalition agreements with the ANC. Watch more below:



The EFF has also voiced concerns over the high unemployment rate in the Northern Cape.  It is among several parties, including the ANC, DA and COPE  focusing on reducing the unemployment rate in the province.

Speaking at an SABC News election debate in the Platfontein region, EFF provincial spokesperson, Obakeng Lechuti says they are working to create job opportunities for the youth.

With 14 days to go until South Africans head to the polls, Lechuti has also called on the youth to use their vote to make their voice heard.

“We are still experiencing a high rate of unemployment, particularly on the youth of which they are not given a chance to show their skills and be absorbed by the job market. This is due to how the administration of the ruling party is applying themselves. As the EFF, we think we should create a special economic zone of which should be across the province, that will create job opportunities to youth people. In this province, I would clearly say we are having a problem of youth coming forward to register because they have lost hope in the current dispensation. Now, we are trying so hard to convince the youth to be part of these elections.”