The Guptas have 15 days to return the private jet to the Canadian bank. This after the High Court clipped its wings, ordering the plane to be grounded at Lanseria on Monday.

Export Development Canada which acted as a credit agency and Stoneriver brought the application against the Gupta’s over a lease agreement. They accuse the family of defaulting on paying for the 41 million dollar aircraft.

The infamous Bombadier Global 6000 private jet – with the tail number ZS-OAK- made headlines in 2013, when the aircraft landed at the Waterkloof Airforce Base with VIPs attending a Gupta’s nuptials at Sun City Resorts in the North West.

This was not the last time – the jet touched down at the military base. The Gupta email leaks revealed that in 2015, the chartered plane was used to ferry military and civilian dignitaries.

In the same year, then deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa used the jet to fly to Japan.

The sleek aircraft was also alleged to have been used to ferry various ministers to Dubai.

The 30 meter aircraft’s whereabouts are currently unknown, as the flight tracking device onboard was switched off

The plane was last spotted in India, Dubai and Russia in recent months.

Valued at over 50 million Us dollars – the controversial family had a loan agreement with Canadian bank, Export Development Canada for 41 million dollars.

They rescinded on the agreement after it claimed the Gupta’s defaulted on payment over a dozen times last year. The bank says it also fears that the aircraft could be used for illicit purposes.

The High Court ruled that the aircraft be returned to the bank and stored at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg.

The bank has welcomed that decision.

The Civil Aviation Authority has also been ordered to deregister the aircraft.

With 15 days to comply – It’s unsure where the Gupta private jet is or when it will touchdown at Lanseria Airport.





The Export Development Canada (EDC) says it looks forward to the return of the luxury private passenger jet that the Guptas bought on very favourable terms.

The exact location of the plane is not clear at the moment.

The Guptas are alleged to have skipped payments on the 41-million-dollar Bombardier.

The Civil Aviation Authority in South Africa says the plane’s licence will be immediately revoked.

EDC says it looks forward to the orderly handover of the jet by the Gupta family, which operates as an export credit agency and Stoneriver brought the application against the Guptas over a lease agreement for the aircraft.

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