CAA to act in accordance with High Court ruling

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The Civil Aviation Authority of South Africa says it will act in accordance with the ruling of the High Court in Johannesburg which orders the Gupta family to hand over the Bombadier Global 6000 aircraft to the bank, Export Development Canada.

The court has also interdicted the family and its companies from using the aircraft.

The bank which operates as an export credit agency, and Stoneriver brought the application against the Guptas over a lease agreement relating to the Bombadier jet which is valued at 41 million dollars.

“We have just and of course, this is breaking news. The court has made an order. So, we shall be studying the order to see the implications of whether what was requested is what the court has ordered, but as we have always indicated is that we shall abide by the court order. So, whatever the court order is, after we study it we shall implement accordingly,” says the CAA Director Poppy Khoza.