‘Economic inequality must be sorted for technology to be accessible to all’

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Head of Industry Association Communication and Technology, Phila Sithole says economic divide filters down to technological division as many still can’t access digital devices because of how expensive they remain.

Sithole was speaking at the Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC 2023) in the Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal..

He says South Africa’s economic inequality needs to be sorted for accessible technology to all.

The Head of Research and Innovation at Telkom, Tsabi Molapo says he hopes artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to transform business, education and health care in Africa.

Molapo says AI should be integrated in all aspects of society.

“What we hope for, especially for South Africa, for Africa, is that we can apply AI and all advanced technologies in ways that help advance society. In ways that help to advance our business priorities that transform industry.  It’s possible because we’re seeing globally right now the potential for AI. We’re sitting here at the conference, for example, the hyper generative AI, but for us, it’s about how do we make it work? How do we develop solutions that work in education and in healthcare for business, for optimisation in technical financial settings, etc.”
VIDEO: SATNAC 2023 Day 2: