Information Communication Technology gurus, academics and business people have converged on East London for the 15th ICT summit.

This in a bid to find fitting solutions for the country to address the digital divide within society and the continent at large.

The theme of the summit: Building an inclusive 4IR environment.

The organiser, Motse Mfuleni, says this summit has grown as it tackles the challenges the ICT sector is facing.

“One of the things we have achieved, we have trained over two hundred young people in this program who are highly qualified ICT specialists. Who ordinarily would not afford qualify to go to a university for an ICT related qualification. The important one is to be able to get government business and stakeholders under one roof and begin to unpack and understand these difficult concepts such as 4IR.”

ICT academic, Dr Andile Ngcaba says South Africa is ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“The conclusion is that we are ready. South Africa is ready, Africa is ready, this is great for the continent. I think we came a long way and there is still a lot to be done of course to build the infrastructure and the applications that will take us to the next generation of technologies.”