Demonstrators sing for DRC’s Tshisekedi

Felix Tshisekedi smiling
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Supporters of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi sang for the presidential candidate in Kinshasa on Saturday (January 19), as they awaited the final results of the country’s presidential election.

In a surprise announcement on Thursday (January 17) the African Union demanded to delay announcing final results because of “serious doubts” over the conduct of the election.

Protesting outside the capital’s Palace of Justice, one supporter told Reuters the African Union did not provide a “model” for the country. Another held up a piece of paper reading: “We reject the African Union decision”.

The final tally will be released once the Constitutional Court has ruled on challenges to provisional results. It is expected to decide on appeals, including that of opposition leader and second-placed Martin Fayulu, on Saturday.

Provisional results announced last week showed a shock victory for opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi.

But Fayulu requested a recount, saying he had won with over 60% of the vote and that Tshisekedi was announced victor only after striking a deal with outgoing President Joseph Kabila.