Labour union Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union (Demawusa) has vowed to forge ahead with its strike action until Johannesburg Metrobus management succumbs to its demands.

Metrobus workers belonging to Demawusa embarked on an indefinite strike on Monday morning over salary progression issues. The union is also demanding office space and resources at all three Metrobus depots in Johannesburg.

Meanwhile, Metrobus says its bus that was reported hijacked on Monday morning has since been found parked at the Ghandi Square bus terminal in central Johannesburg.

β€œThe strike is continuing because we have realised that the employer is not willing to deal with this issue. We ended up going to look for the managing director to ask what the problem is, because we have to agree on the picketing and she requested a copy of the picketing roll and we have given her a copy. So, she says we must come back tomorrow (Tuesday). Those workers who are on strike are saying it will continue until the employer agrees to their demands,” says Demawusa’s Dion Makhura.