De Lille optimistic court will rule in her favour

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Ousted Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille says she believes the court will rule in her favour for the benefit of the people of Cape Town.

Tuesday’s ruling of the High Court in Cape Town will deal with the interim relief that De Lille is seeking to be reinstated as Democratic Alliance (DA) member and mayor until the application on the legality of the party’s termination of membership is dealt with.

The party’s constitution stipulates that someone ceases to be a member if they publicly announce their intention to leave the party.

De Lille remains resolute in her fight. She says: “I put my faith in the hands of our courts. I believe in the independence of our judiciary.”

“I have seen the history of our judiciary that they have never hesitated to act against anyone. I put my faith in the judiciary because we are all subject to the law, we are all subject to the constitution and that the the DA as a party is not above the constitution,” says de Lille.