De Lille awaits secret ballot ruling

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The High Court is expected to rule Wednesday on the City of Cape Town Mayor, Patricia de Lille’s, application to have a secret ballot during a vote of no confidence against her during a council meeting Thursday.

This follows allegations of corruption and mismanagement levelled against De Lille by the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Her legal representative, Senior Advocate, Dali Mpofu, has argued that it is crucial for the High Court in Cape Town to rule in favour of a secret ballot.

Mpofu has asked the court to issue an order compelling the DA to instruct its caucus members in the city to use a secret ballot during a vote of no confidence.

Mpofu says only a secret ballot can protect councillors against intimidation.

“By what other means can this court ensure that those members are immunised from obvious threat of voting against their leaders and the answer can only be one, the only method lawfully available is that they are told it must be by secret ballot.”

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