Daredevil run educates about prostate and testicular cancer

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South Africa’s most unique fundraising run “The Hollard Daredevil run” will be taking to the streets of Johannesburg on the 16th of March 2018.

The purpose of the run is to raise awareness and educate people on prostate and testicular cancer.

The statistics of male being diagnosed indicated a high increase over the years in South Africa.

Professor Michael Herbst from Cansa‘s Head of Health says the statistics shows that one in six men in South Africa run a risk to be diagnosed with one or any other form of cancer in their lifetime.

“Previously prostate cancer was more of an old men disease affecting men between the ages of 50, 60 and so on, but now it is getting close to men who are between 40 years of age already being diagnosed. The scary side of it is that it is on an increase and that younger men are being diagnosed. So we want younger men to be so aware that they would actually go for a regular Prostate-Specific Antigen test.”

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