DA vows to hold govt accountable for any violence during EFF march

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it will hold government accountable should any violence erupt during the planned Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) march next Monday.

The party briefed the media on its legal plans to interdict the EFF over what it says are threats of intimidation made by its leadership.

The DA’s national security advisor Natasha Mazzone says, “I can assure you that the security cluster of the Democratic Alliance is working very hard, very diligently to ensure that the security cluster of the national government is cooperating. We are using the report that we have received after the July riots and we are making sure that the security cluster is adhering to all the recommendations that are in that report.”

“We are making sure that any shortcomings that report found are going to be rectified immediately and that we are not going to have the repeat of the breakdown of communication that occurred between the various clusters in the security cluster,” adds Mazzone.

The audio file below is reporting more on the story:

Meanwhile, EFF spokesperson Leigh-Ann Mathys has described the DA’s court action as frivolous.

“We note the intended legal action by the Democratic Alliance regarding the planned shutdown on the 20th of March. The Democratic Alliance’s anti-democratic public stunt, is frivolous, is misguided and at most, it is just the confirmation that the Democratic Alliance still seeks to savage the corrupt Ramaphosa presidency as a proxy for its neo-liberal policy work,” says Mathys.

The video below is reporting on DA’s urgent interdict against EFF