The DA in Limpopo has written a letter of complaint to the speaker of the legislature, accusing nine MECs of lack of transparency.

DA Spokesperson on Social Development, Suzan Phala, says the MECs, with the exception of that of Social Development MEC Nkakareng Rakgoale, have not responded to written questions by opposition Members of the Provincial Legislature since 2020.

The Office of the Premier and the legislature have acceded to the concerns of DA.

Phala says the conduct of the MECs, who have not answered to written questions by the opposition members of the legislature, should not be tolerated.

Phala says the MECs are not willing to account.

Some of the sittings have been held virtually since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Phala says the MECs are not following the legislature rules.

“We find their behaviour extremely unparliamentary and that it should not be tolerated at all by the House as it degenerates the dignity and mandate of the House. In 2020, 72 sets of written questions were submitted to the executive and only the Department of Social Development responded and they keep on ignoring our written questions. We found it very strange that the speaker decided to protect the premier in accounting on his behalf,” she adds.

‘DA raises a serious concern’

In response, Legislature Spokesperson, Solly Chego, acceded that the opposition, DA, is raising a serious concern.

“That is a genuine concern. Speaker of the legislature used to remind members of the executive to respond to questions. Even in this hybrid system, more than four different MEC’s are always present responding to questions. The matter will be directed to the leader of government business Seaparo Sekwati,” says Chego.

Furthermore, Spokesperson of Office of the Premier, Willie Mosoma, says the concerns by DA will be referred to the Treasury MEC, Seaparo Sekwati, who leads governance.

“Premier Mathabatha says the concerns by the DA are genuine, therefore, the Premier will engage the leader of government business MEC Seaparo Sekwati and all MECs to remind them that all questions from political parties in the legislature are responded to.

Of course, Premier Mathabatha says the matter of questions and answers don’t form part of service delivery agreement with MECs. However, it is very critical for good governance which leads to quality audit opinions the province is currently celebrating,” adds Masoma.

The DA is calling on Mathabatha to ensure that abiding by the legislature rules forms part of the performance agreement of the MECs.