The Democratic Alliance (DA) says the outcome of the Joburg Metro Council sitting, in which the ANC’s Nonceba Molwele was elected as Speaker of Council, was illegal.

Molwele was elected unopposed after the Metro Council sat to vote for a new Speaker following the ousting of the former speaker Vasco da Gama of the DA last week.

However, even before voting took place, the DA was insisting that Da Gama was still the City’s Speaker.

DA Gauteng Provincial chairperson Mike Moriarty,  “The Democratic Alliance views today’s council meeting as illegal. We are going to consult and take legal advice and consider our options. We have no difficulties going into the opposition benches. However, there are two DA councillors, I don’t know how long they will remain DA councillors, they defied the instructions of the DA chief whip and they attended the council meeting. They will face the consequences.”