The Democratic Alliance (DA) has called for the establishment of a Sexual Offences Court to deal with gender-based violence.

A number of marches have been taking place around the country against the escalating problem.

Maimane says gender-based violence is a specialised crime, hence the call for the establishment of the court.

“People get arrested for sexual violence and assault on women, but they get out because the evidence gathering and all the criminal justice system don’t work, but we are saying let’s put up all these sexual offences court, so we can get better prosecution, better evidence gathering, so that these barbaric human beings can end up in jail for a very long time.”

Maimane says there is nothing untoward about declaring a house at Claremont in Cape Town in the Parliamentary register, although the house is not registered under his name.

This follows weekend newspaper reports that he listed the house in the Parliamentary register, although the house belongs to the shelf company of which Durban businessman Wessel Jacobs is a sole director and shareholder.

Maimane had this to say while on site at Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Cape.

“You find a structure that protects your assets and protects what you are doing. It’s not abnormal for a company to purchase a house. It is common cause. The matter has been declared. I declared it in Parliament. I had nothing to hide. We have gone ahead and made the declaration. It is part of company structure. I reside in the house and contributed to the lease.”