Head of the NGO Clean Slate, Brian Francis, has arrived at the Nelson Mandela Gateway in Cape Town after completing a gruelling bike ride from Soweto to raise funds to re-intergrate offenders into society. Francis says his journey started outside former president Nelson Mandela’s house in Soweto on the 28th of last month.

Francis was born in East London and emmigrated to the UK in 2004. He is back in the country to raise funds for the newly established charity organisation based in his home town, East London.

“Initially it was an idea to challenge myself, but because I’ m busy setting up a charity in East London to help ex offenders back into society, I decided to incorporate a fund raiser as well that is the whole idea behind.”

Francis says he is inspired by what former president Nelson Mandela did for the country .

“The beauty of it was that many people were saying don’t do it, it’s dangerous. I got a lot of hope for South Africa, I believe in South Africa, I believe its not waiting on government or waiting on certain individuals or organisations, but its stepping out there and be part of that change,” said Francis .

Francis met some friends along the N1 in Cape Town. Frank Solomons, who is a local cyclist, says he was contacted by his friend’s daughter in England to tell him about Francis’ fund raising efforts .

“It’s a great idea and awareness for cycling, but the whole idea is a good idea, the purpose of cyling from Soweto to  Cape Town.”

Francis’ initial plan was to arrive in Cape Town at midday, but he was delayed by roadworks on the highway just outside Cape Town.