SANParks rangers issued with letters of precautionary suspension

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The five SANParks rangers who were allegedly involved in the assault of cyclist Nic Dlamini have been issued with letters of intention to put them on precautionary suspension.

The 24-year-old top South African cyclist broke his arm during an altercation with Table Mountain Park rangers in the Silvermine game reserve.

SANParks spokesperson Rey Thakhuli says they are also in the process of appointing an independent investigator.

“We have met with the five rangers as management and we have issued them with letters of intention to place them on precautionary suspension. We’ve given them 24 hours to reply, in terms of the law we have to give them an opportunity to exercise their right to reply.”

A video of the alleged incident went viral on social media with members of the public condemning the heavy-handedness of the rangers.

Olympic cycling

The Pedal Power Association, which represents about 20 000 cyclists, says it hopes the extent of injuries sustained by Dlamini will not keep him from competing in Tour de France in July.

Chairperson of Pedal Power, Rens Rezelman, says the country is looking forward to a first homegrown black African cyclist to represent the country in Olympic cycling.

“We’ve all been waiting for the day that he’ll be announced soon to be in the Tour de France squad, which for any professional cyclist should be the ultimate pinnacle of your career to compete in that event. He’s already done what we call the grand tour. He’s been the king of the mountain of our  Britain, also cycling in the Olympic sport. So in 2020, everybody was hoping and holding thumbs for a young black African to represent our country in the Olympics in cycling, which would have been the first,”

Dlamini underwent surgery to his arm on Saturday.