The South African Police Services and Tshwane Metro Police are still searching for the driver of a car who crashed into a group of cyclists in Centurion, south of Pretoria on Friday morning, killing one of the riders in the group. Andrew Randall died on the scene while two other cyclists were injured and taken to hospital.

The motorist is believed to have been drunk, according to one survivor. He  allegedly ran off abandoning his vehicle and a passenger following the fatal accident.

Authorities say the identity of the suspect is known to them and they are calling on him to hand himself over.

Chairperson of Gauteng North and Gauteng Cycling, Chris Prinsloo, was part of the group. He alleges that the motorist was clearly under the influence. The driver ran away from the scene, leaving his passenger in the car.

Prinsloo asked motorists and cyclists to be tolerant of each other on the road, “Tolerance is one of the main issues we experience every day from motorist that hoot at cyclist and at runners as well. So there definitely needs to be more tolerance from both sides. I know the cyclist also get frustrated, so I think that is something that needs to come from both sides.”

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