Gauteng police say their Crime Intelligence and tracking teams have joined the search for Vicki Momberg.

The former real estate agent was sentenced to an effective two years in jail for using the k-word at least 48 times against a black police officer in 2016.

The NPA has confirmed that Momberg had filed a notice to appeal her conviction and sentence in the Supreme Court of Appeal.

However, a warrant for her arrest remains valid due to her filing her notice late and failure to apply for an extension of her bail.

Gauteng Police spokesperson, Brigadier Mathapelo Peters says: “We have got a warrant of arrest for Momberg that was issued by the court in August. We are yet to locate her.”

“We have got to the fixed addresses that she has given as part of her bail conditions and we haven’t been able to find her at either of these addresses. That is why our crime intelligence is now on board as well as our tracking team.”