COVID-19 impact led to mental health pandemic in SA

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Healthcare investment organization, AfroCentric, says South Africa is still in the grip of a mental health pandemic that was brought about by the devastating impact of COVID-19.

The organisation says in the last few years, the world has seen a 30 percent increase in anxiety and depression.

This spike is attributed to the increase in the cost of living and an energy crisis that only seems to be getting worse.

AfroCentric’s Dr Litha Fatsha says self-care is crucial to navigating through these tough times.

Fatsha says, “Certainly, globally there has been an increase in the number of mental illnesses, particularly mental illnesses and this is no surprise. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and a lot of other forward thinkers have already predicted that post-COVID-19 there would be an increase in mental health illnesses and they should call this the mental health pandemic.”

COVID-19 has exacerbated mental health issues: