COSATU seeks inflation linked increase for public workers

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COSATU has called on government to return to the bargaining table to re-negotiate salary increases for public service workers.

COSATU, together with other labour federations FEDUSA and SAFTU, marched to Parliament to protest against the three percent salary increase which government has unilaterally implemented in the public service.

They are calling for a ten percent increase.

COSATU provincial secretary Malvern de Bruyn, “Inflation is close to seven – eight percent and why can’t they give us at least an inflation related increase. Although we demand 10 percent, but nothing is cast in stone. Let’s go back to the bargaining table and see how best we can play with the numbers, but COSATU is open. The other federations are opened to engagement to find a solution, but what is happening now, we can’t agree that was unilaterally implemented.”

PSA strike in November

In early November, government said only members of the Public Servants Association were allowed to take part in a one-day strike action. The Department of Public Service and Administration said there will be no total shutdown of government services.

Update on strike that happened in November:

More than 200 000 PSA members in the public sector downed tools over wages.

Government at the time said it had put measures in place to mitigate the impact of the strike action.