Corruption and infighting among leaders lead SA to despair: Holomisa

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United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader, Bantu Holomisa, says corruption and infighting continue to challenge the country. He says this has led South Africa to despair.

Holomisa was speaking during the party’s rally at Butterworth in the Eastern Cape.

”Every time I watch the Zondo Commission and I celebrate every time I hear the leaders of the ruling party pointing fingers at each other. Because the reason they kicked me out of the party was because I mentioned corruption.”

Holomisa questioned why students were still not receiving free education.

”Former President Nelson Mandela sent me to canvass for the ANC in 1994 and he said I should tell the voters that free education will be provided for them. Why that has not happened I don’t know.”

The party also welcomed new members.

”One of the reasons I join the UDM is because it was established here in the Eastern Cape. I also hope that people will join the UDM because of what it promises to do and not because of the way it insults other political parties,” says UDM new member, Thobile Gidigidi.

“I joined the UDM because we want our roads to be built. Our schools are also in bad condition. We want all those things to be fixed,” adds another UDM new member, Lindiswa Rhwenteni.

The party says it will be looking at improving its performance in the upcoming Local Government Elections in October.