There’s another new kid on the block ahead of the 8 May elections – Compatriots of South Africa (CSA) will contest the election for the first time.

On Saturday the party outlined its plan on how it plans to win votes. Party officials say the formation of the party was inspired by lack of representation of what they call brown people.

The party launched its manifesto in Port Elizabeth on Saturday.

The party was established in 2018 with limited resources, but it now has strong roots in the Northern Cape and in the Western Cape.

CSA says it is only aiming for five seats in the National Assembly. It says while bringing dignity to parliament, it will advocate for laws that create jobs to alleviate poverty.

Party leader Cheslin Felix, says that their part is to represent the forgotten coloured community.

“Our part is to represent people, forgotten coloured community, but our party is multi-racial. We have been campaigning in every street corner and people love our message and we are confident that people are going to vote for us. We are the only party that doesn’t make empty promises in South Africa, we implement and that is what we do.”

Party supporters say they want action and not empty promises:

“Our party is unique and new, so I am going to vote CSA. We have been working very hard behind the scenes and people are loving us. I am definitely casting my vote for CSA.”

“I come from  the Northern Cape to listen to my leaders. I have faith on CSA, I am tired of empty promises, other parties all they do is empty promises.”

“I love my party, we are passionate about change. This is the only party that can bring back dignity in South Africa.”

The party called on its supporters to promote it and recruit others to ensure that they reach their targeted votes.

Party officials will also take the campaign to other provinces.