Communications Portfolio Committee to start deliberations on 34 SABC Board candidates

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The Sub-Committee of Parliament’s Communications Portfolio Committee is expected to start deliberations on the 34 South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Board candidates on Thursday morning.

This comes as the vetting of all candidates by the State Security Agency has been concluded.

The SABC has been without a Board for more than a month after the previous Board’s term ended on October 15.

The deliberations in search for the 12 most suitable candidates from the 34 who were interviewed in September are finally kicking off.

Committee waiting for vetting of SABC board candidates, SCOPA hearing postponed to 2023:

Over the last six weeks, different reasons were given for why the State Security Agency has been delaying vetting the candidates.

Rigorous deliberations are expected in the sub-committee.

Objections to some of the candidates are expected to come into play during these deliberations and when the Portfolio Committee is expected to adopt its report with the names.

Once the entire parliamentary process has been concluded, only after the National Assembly has approved the committee’s recommendations, the final decision to speed up the appointment of the incoming Board will be in the hands of President Cyril Ramaphosa who is the appointing authority.