South Africans, who are currently on a nationwide lockdown, say they are fearful of the financial implications of not working and thus not being paid for the 21-day period.

Despite this, many have found innovative ways to distract themselves from worry and anxiety.

A father, Gabrielle Naidoo, says he has spent his lockdown time downloading the grade two syllabus to assist his son with catch up work.

“I have mixed emotions right now about how I’m going to survive this pandemic financially but we are trying to stay positive. Day one was rough as we didn’t know what to expect. I went to do my necessary shopping on day one as we only received our salaries on Thursday.”

“I stood in a queue for two hours. On day 2, we enjoyed family time that we don’t normally enjoy with our busy jobs. I downloaded the grade 2 syllabus for my son and we did school work. We had a fun day drawing and playing with his toys,” adds Naidoo.

Non-compliance to lockdown regulations

Some South Africans in areas including Alexandra have been defiant to the orders government has given during the national shutdown. Five people in quarantine in the high density township after coming into contact with a person infected with the coronavirus.

In the video below, SABC News looks at the situation in Alexandra: