Chester Williams to be given special provincial funeral

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The late former Springbok wing Chester Williams will be given an official funeral in Cape Town this weekend.

In a statement, the presidency the decision was taken by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Mr Williams’ funeral will be held at the Newlands Rugby Stadium in Cape Town at 12h00 on Saturday 14 September 2019 and will, in terms of the declaration by the President, contain ceremonial elements that will be provided by the South African Police Service.”

President Ramaphosa has also instructed that the National Flag fly at half-mast in the Western Cape Province on the day of the funeral of Mr Chester Mornay Williams.

Meanwhile, former Springbok Breyton Paulse says while they mourn Williams’ death,  the country also needs to celebrate his achievements.

Paulse would have loved us to see us celebrate his life. We will mourn but we gonna have to celebrate his life and just tell the next generation Chessie was a symbol of hope.”

For more on Chester Williams, watch video below: