Change Starts Now to launch Change Charter: A Manifesto of Hope

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Change Starts Now leader Roger Jardine is set to launch the Change Charter: A Manifesto of Hope in Kliptown, Soweto today.

The movement, initiated in December 2023, aims to serve as an alternative political option for South Africans seeking change.

Jardine says that Change Starts Now will provide hope for those who have lost faith in the current government.

Speaking on the initiative, Jardine says, “And when I say that the bright flare of hope that has dimmed to all but a flicker, I also say what I’ve just said although it has dimmed, it has not been extinguished. So today, I stand before you with a vision, a vision of a South Africa that works. A South Africa that cares. Imagine a South Africa that works.”

‘We want to be part of the solution’ : Change Starts Now Leader Roger Jardine