Celebrate Tutu for his selflessness: Family

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The family of globally acclaimed freedom fighter, Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, says he should be celebrated for his selflessness, but also be remembered for the agony that befell him, during his last days of life.

The family says the Archbishop was not happy about the current state of governance, where some residents are still deprived of basic services, such as water and housing.

Chairperson of the Desmond and Leah Foundation Niclas Kjellström-Matseke has emphasised that, while the man many described as a moral campus had retired from public life and commentary, he kept taps on what was happening.

“It is true that father [Desmond Tutu] was embracing … many of us in South Africa and he felt the pain of the people. There is no doubt he also felt the pain of the people in the old [olden days] but even here and now. He felt the pain in the recent weeks, in the recent months and in the recent years and that is the huge challenge for this country to organise itself,” adds Kjellström-Matseke.

The video below, is reporting that Tutu will be laid to rest on Saturday:

Support and love

Meanwhile, Public Works and Infrastructure Minister and personal friend of the late Archbishop, and the family, Patricia de Lille, says the family is overwhelmed by the support and love received from the country and the world.

De Lille is part of the team speaking on behalf of the family.

She says his widow Leah Tutu is in good spirits and has been sharing some of the fond memories of their 66 years of marriage.

“She is very strong, she was prepared for it and even though she was prepared, when it finally happens, it was a shock to her and all of us. We are keeping her busy and company, she has a lot of energy.”

“We brief her everyday about what we are doing and consult with her on some of the arrangements. Today we are busy dealing with a number of requests from overseas of people who would like to come,” explains De Lille.

Patricia de Lille speaks to SABC News outside Tutu’s residence: