Police say they are hot on the heels of the suspects who allegedly shot and killed police sergeant, Donavon Prins in Lavender Hill, in Cape Town, on Monday night.

Police Minister, Bheki Cele says two people are being questioned by the police in connection with the murder of the officer.

He was shot dead in a pursuit operation.

Prins and a colleague were pursuing suspects in the gang-plagued area of Lavender Hill. One of them fired on the policemen.

Prins was shot and later died in hospital while his partner escaped unharmed.

Cele has visited his family at Sea Winds. He says 26 police officers have been killed in the line of duty this year alone.

“I have said that we have two people that we are questioning at the moment, but it looks like it’s giving us some direction. I want to end there now. The family has called for the justice, it’s something we all want to see happening; when is it going to end, the killing of police? Really I will be lying if I say I have an answer.”

Prins’ wife, Shaldene who is a Police Constable, says they were both on duty when he died.

“We were both on duty. I was inside the Client Service Centre, but I monitored the radio and I heard the gun shots went off; and a few minutes after that I heard his partner scream over the radio, calling for help and mentioning that his partner Prins was shot.”