Former Communications Minister Yunus Carrim says he found a toxic environment when he got to the department. Carrim is testifying at the State Capture Commission in Parktown, Johannesburg.

He’s expected to testify about the controversial R553-million deal signed between MultiChoice and SABC in 2013.

Last year, the commission heard how proper processes were not followed during the signing of the deal. It also heard how MultiChoice inserted a clause into the contract that would allow it to dictate the public broadcaster’s policy on a control mechanism to be inserted in set-top boxes that were to be used in the digital terrestrial television (DTT) rollout.

Carrim explains says, “Within the department of communication there were various factions and factions regrettably but within the industry too and we had the ITU, United Nations International Telecommunications Union deadlines of June 17, 2015, by which time we should’ve completed the Digital migration process.”

In the video below Carrim testifies at the State Capture Commission in Parktown, Johannesburg