The family of the late SAFM presenter Rowena Baird has thanked the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and her listeners for their support during this difficult time. A memorial service was held for Baird at the SABC Radio Park building in Auckland Park.

Baird passed away at her home last Friday surrounded by her loved ones. She lost a battle to cancer.

In 2014 Baird was diagnosed with colon cancer. She is survived by her son Vuyo and grand-daughter Khanya.

Michelle Baird says Rowena loved her listeners very much. “But I’m here to say thank you so much for this gesture, as the family we appreciate it. She spent so much of her life in this space, I know she touched every single one of you in a special unique way, I know you made her life richer and more colourful for having been part of it and we will always be grateful for it.”