Azapo reaffirms land restoration as central to its politics

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Azapo maintains that its politics still revolve around land and returning it to its rightful owners. This weekend the liberation party took its elections campaign to Galeshewe Township and interacted with some residents during their door-to-door campaign.

Galeshewe residents, who interacted with the president of Azapo, say they can only consider voting for the party if it has plans in getting them jobs, in curbing crime, and dealing with drug abuse, among the youth. Some say they can still be persuaded to consider the party at the polls.

Kimberley resident Neville Mokgobo says, “So Azapo is suitable to lead us in the sense, but we will need assistance from the broader African diaspora to make this a success. I think we are on a narrow path if we want Azapo to be in the driving seat of things it might be there we might need to assist it.”

Kimberley resident, Dimakatso Jochum says, “I would like to vote for Azapo so that Azapo can bring a better future for our children. There’s high unemployment and also there are drugs that are all over our country. Please can it just cut it so that we can see our children going because it’s not like they don’t have talent, they do have, they can do better.”

Azapo leader Nelvis Qekema says the party wants to grow the economy, which is currently sluggish and not creating enough jobs.

“We want to restore the humanity and dignity of the people and the best way to do it is to grow the economy and develop the economy such that the economy is able to absorb the unemployed people that are jobless people so that people are able you know to contribute for their own lives and find.”

With over a thousand active members in the province, the party hopes to have recruited more supporters in time for the elections. They are also hoping to return to Parliament after the May elections. -Reporting by Omphemetse Balatseng