The Azanian People’s Organisation (Azapo) in the Northern Cape has reiterated the call for land to be expropriated and given back to black people, adding that enough time has gone by without action from the governing party.

The organisation is celebrating its 40 years anniversary since its formation in 1978.

Azapo believes that South Africans need more than political freedom. Its provincial chairperson, Gaopalelwe Motebe has expressing excitement about the on-going land redistribution debate.

“The problem we have in our country is because people are self-sabotaging, and that is because they are not mentally liberated. Azapo is more than relevant now, no white person came here with a ship full of land, they didn’t have land, its our land. Right now people are talking about the Khoisan saying they are different, so they are trying to divide us again to say the Khoisan came first, the Khoisan are us. Black people, we need our land and we need it now. That is why Azapo was formed.”