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It’s still unclear if Magashule will apologise to Ramaphosa: Analyst
10 May 2021, 9:20 PM

Political analyst, Ongama Mtimka, says it remains to be seen whether African National Congress (ANC) suspended Secretary-General, Ace Magashule, will adhere to the party National Executive Committee’s (NEC) directive, that he should apologise publicly to party structures for issuing ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa with a suspension letter.

Video: ANC president Cyril Ramapohosa delivers the outcomes of the NEC meeting


Last week, after being suspended for failing to withdraw from the party in line with the NEC resolution, that members facing criminal charges must volunteer to step-aside or face suspension, Magashule instead issued a suspension letter to the president.

Magashule issued the letter without any mandate and authorisation of the NEC or the National Working Committee (NWC).

“I think it is part of the real politics. They could have easily taken him to the DC without demanding an apology, but I think part of the real politics is to have him issue that apology because that has got more power and also, it is so that they’re being seen to be creating space for him to make right on the wrongs that he has done,” says Mtimka.

Video: Prof. Tinyiko Maluleke sheds light on the latest ANC developments:

Suspended ANC MPs might lose salaries:

Meanwhile, ANC Members of Parliament (MPs), who are suspended or forced to step aside, could have their pay docked by parliament.

Parliament Spokesperson Moloto Mothapo says members can only miss 15 consecutive sittings and then their parties have to motivate for a further leave of absence.

Two ANC MPs, Home Affairs Committee Chairperson Bongani Bongo and former Buffalo City Mayor Zukiswa Ncitha, face criminal charges for corruption and are, therefore, among those who may not represent the party.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has said suspended members will continue to receive their salaries until their matters are finalised.

“The approval for most of this type of leave falls within the powers of the parties or the leaders of those parties. The rules and policy do direct that the period for which leave may be granted, other than maternity or parental or adoption leave, may not exceed 15 consecutive sitting days of the assembly or council. If a member is absent for more than 15 consecutive days, a motion must be tabled in those houses, stating reasons for the absence and period of continued absence.”

Durban toddler “driver” receives “play” parking violation ticket
10 May 2021, 7:35 PM

A toddler in Durban has been trending on social media after becoming one of the youngest drivers ever to have had a brush “with the law”.

A photograph of a Durban Metro Police officer giving the 1-year-old boy a ‘play’ parking ticket went viral on social media.

Video: One-year-old Durban “driver” receives “play” parking violation ticket


“It warms my heart to know that this picture got lots of smile to many faces,  especially during this sad time,  during the pandemic”, says the boy’s mother, Lamess Hanif,  speaking to SABC News on Monday.

Apart from cars, the now-famous toddler loves cartoon character Micky Mouse.

Metrobus urges commuters to find alternative transport
10 May 2021, 7:19 PM

Metrobus commuters are urged to find alternative transport as the bus company’s employees forge ahead with their strike action.

All three Metrobus terminals in Johannesburg are still closed as a result of a deadlock in salary negotiations. Workers are demanding an 18% salary increase.

It is still unclear when the strike will end.

“All three depots servicing the north, south and east of Johannesburg totalling just over 400 are not operating. So all of them are affecting about 36 000 commuters daily. So it is a huge number. We just want to urge our commuters to continue finding alternate arrangements because we don’t know when this strike will end but we are trying to do everything possible to end this strike,” says Metrobus spokesperson, Goodwill Shiburi.

Demawusa stands firm on its demands:

Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (Demawusa) says the value of the salary of workers has diminished over the years.

“That’s our opening figure. It encapsulates the loss that  have been incurred by workers from 4-5 years. But all these matters are negotiable”, says Demawusa’s Secretary General, Stephen Faulkner who maintains that their demands are reasonable.

Faulkner also calls on Metro bus to reimburse commuters who had already bought their tickets.

” It’ s not as if  Metrobus was not alerted to the the strike, they were well in advance but they allowed commuters to buy future tickets. They have to fully reimburse commuters.

Video: Demawusa explains where they stand with Metrobus


Video: Drivers go on strike over salaries


Unisa SRC threatens to go to court over delays in accepting students
10 May 2021, 7:00 PM

The Student Representative Council (SRC) at the University of South Africa (UNISA) is threatening to go to court over the institution’s delay in accepting thousands of students for the 2021 academic year.

This is despite a court ruling in March that set aside the decision by the Higher Education Minister to cut the intake of first time entering students by 20 000.

The Economic Freedom Fighters  (EFF) Student Command and the Black Lawyers Association Student Chapter took the University and Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande, to court over the decision.

The university, which has blamed the chaos on over-enrollment, is yet to indicate its plans to address the issue.

The SRC has since embarked on a number of protests, including an online strike, but has not been able to disrupt academic activities already in full swing.

SRC Chairperson, Inga Ketwa, says they are disappointed by the university’s failure to comply with the court judgment.

“So, now we are surprised when we see the institution not complying with the court judgement and we view this as a serious undermining, very disrespectful way of approaching things. It’s disrespecting our justice system.”

Despite several engagements between student representative bodies and university management, Ketwa says they are now considering going back to court.

“We have tried to shut down campuses, physically, (and) so, it has not been effective. So, we’re left with no other choice, but to seek a legal route. But of course, a legal route is draining. So, we are still exploring that. On Friday, higher education officials told parliament the minister was seeking legal counsel on the matter after receiving a copy of the judgment on April 6th. The university was not available for comment,” says Ketwa.

Nomvelo Zulu has been in Pretoria since February hoping to finally start with her Law degree after completing a higher certificate in 2020.

Although not a first time entering student, the decision to limit the new intake seems to have affected her too. She visits the Sunnyside campus daily, hoping for better news. But her hopes are slowly fading.

“I was wearing size 35, but now I’m wearing 32. I’ve been here since February to try and to have the offer. It’s very difficult for me because I’m paying for myself. In my heart, I do have room for disappointment. It’s now May, and you would also lose hope if you were me.”

Pretoria university students demand clarity on funding:


Water Day Zero fast approaching for Eastern Cape municipality
10 May 2021, 5:30 PM

Residents of Kouga municipality have begun to feel the pinch of the drought as they now experience water cuts almost the whole day.

This as Day Zero is fast approaching for this municipality, which draws its water from the Kouga supply dam.

Kouga Dam levels are currently at 4.25%.  Small towns such as Hankey and Patensie face severe water shortages, and the water shedding that is now in place is causing panic.

Residents in townships of Hankey in the Eastern Cape say they are bearing the brunt of this drought.

Most of the residents are unemployed, meaning they have to sit through the dry period of the day as the municipality enforces water restrictions.

Many go without a drop of water for more than nine hours a day. They claim that when they get water for a couple of hours during the night, it is of poor quality and they fear using it.

Video: Day Zero is fast approaching for the Kouga Municipality

Residents say they are getting frustrated.

“I am mother to a little girl. She has suffered severe rash these past couple of weeks, and it is frustrating. I take her to the doctors and everyone says it is the water we are using. Now, where will we get money to buy water?” says one resident.

“I am very concerned because we don’t get water, especially in the townships. We don’t even get water trucks. How are we going to cook? How are we going to wash clothes or dishes? We are at home most of the day. Even now, there is no water,” adds another concerned resident.

So far, there has been no significant amount of rain to relieve the municipality of drought.

The Gamtoos Irrigation Board says although the past week brought welcome rain, the situation remains critical.

CEO Rienette Colesky says these restrictions are a necessary part of water managing strategies.

“We’ve managed the water supply as best as possible to this point. One of the tools that we do is restrictions and the system has been restrictive for the past four years, in terms of domestic and agricultural use. So, the source has been managed well.”

The municipality says it’s working around the clock in finding various water supply alternatives.

Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, says though they are distributing of tankers, they have serious budget constraints.

“I must admit that we do try by all means to provide water to the people, and we have devised means to save the amount of water we have, despite certain challenges. But the issue of the budget is also a problem. We have very limited budget and are, therefore, constrained. We have also noticed that the water in tanks is compromised, but we will work round the clock to find alternatives.”

The municipality remains hopeful for more welcome rain in the coming weeks as Day Zero is predicted on the 1st of June. Residents are urged to continue using water sparingly.



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