Arno Lamoer back to prison

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Former Western Cape Police Commissioner, Arno Lamoer has gone back to prison after spending the weekend with his family.

Last week the Cape High Court sentenced Lamoer to an effective six years in prison on charges of corruption.

Two former senior police officers, Darius van der Ross and Colin Govender, got two and four-year sentences, repectively. Owner of the tow truck company, Salim Dawjee was sentenced to six years in jail.

The sentencing stems from a corrupt relationship between Lamoer and Dawjee which saw the men being convicted of fraud and corruption.

On Friday all four men were granted bail in order for them to consult with lawyers pending an application for leave to appeal against the sentences imposed.

Monday morning only Salim Dawjee is applying for leave to appeal against his 6 year jail term.

The three policemen are currently Malmesbury prison.

A confiscation order for the policemen’s asset’s have been granted for the proceeds of the crime. Lamoer’s amount is R67329.

Dawjee is however opposing the confiscation order and is applying for leave to appeal this afternoon.

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