The SABC has spent R2.2 million broadcasting the ANC January 8th birthday celebrations between 2014 and 2017.

This is second only to the State of the Nation Address interms of event coverage spending.

This is revealed in a written reply to a Democratic Alliance(DA) Parliamentary question to the Minister of Communications.

The minister was asked the amount of money the SABC has spent on broadcasting events of national importance.

The DA says the money spent on the ANC’s birthday party is more than the Budget Speech, World Aids Day and Human Right’s Day coverage.

DA’s shadow Minister of Communications Phumzile Van Damme says: “The ANC’s birthday party can not be classified as an event of national importance in terms of the SABC’s Editorial Policy. Therefore the SABC spending money on birthday parties and classifying it as an event of importance is a violation of it’s own Editorial Policy.”