All Mpumalanga municipalities are violating residents’ rights: SAHRC

Mpumalanga residents have resorted to protests
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The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) says all the municipalities in Mpumalanga are violating the rights of their residents.

The SAHRC investigated residents’ complaints of lack of service delivery at their municipalities.

It has been found that there has been a systematic lack of service delivery to the communities.

The municipalities have been ordered to submit a council-approved detailed report on how they will address their service delivery woes within a 90-day period and that officials responsible for the poor service be held liable.

Commissioner Philile Ntuli says lack of service delivery has led to the widespread community protests.

Ntuli says, “The various complaints received reported allegations of failure by municipalities to provide water and housing.”

She says the community complained about sewer spillage, electricity outages, non-collection of refuse and dangerous potholes on the roads.

“It became evident from the complaint that the delivery of services  remains a persisting challenge for these communities residing in Mpumalanga,” Ntuli adds.

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