Alfred Nzo District Municipality adopts R1.6 billion budget

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The Alfred Nzo District Municipality has approved and adopted a budget of R1.6 billion this week with providing clean water to many rural villages marked as a priority.

Mayor Vukile Mhlelembana says they want to ensure that every household has access to clean water to avoid the outbreak of waterborne diseases.

He also says a number of local economic development programmes to benefit young people to fight poverty and unemployment are budgeted for.

Municipal Spokesperson, Lixolile Petela, elaborates, “We are going to be spending most of it on basics service delivery taking water to the people, ensuring that water is coming out of the taps because we have seen over the past few years there has been complaints that we are having taps, but water is not coming out. Also, there is a portion that is going towards local economic development through Agri Parks that is assisting in job creation. So, these are some of the highlights the budget has.”