Agri SA warns of food security crisis if blackouts continue

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Agricultural organisation, Agri SA says that should rolling blackouts continue at high stages, South Africa could face a severe food security crisis in the long term.

This coupled with the shortage of vaccines for livestock and cattle is likely to see shelf prices increase over the short to medium term.

According to the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity group, the average cost of the household food basket increased by over R4000.80 over the past year to over R5000 per month.

Agri SA CEO, Christo van der Rheede is calling for the sector to be exempt from rolling blackouts above stage six, and to have a higher tax rebate on diesel used for generators.

“I want to assure the public that we have got a very good summer grain harvest. Maize as well as soya as well as other grains. We are well stocked at the farm level in terms of livestock and food and vegetables. One we will experience is the rise in food prices which is due to the fact that farmers and the rest of the value chain has to fork out a lot of money to buy diesel. We have been part of a task team to advise the minister on interventions and one of those interventions is looking to increase the Diesel rebate,” adds Van der Rheede.

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