Increase of diesel rebate will ease pressure that is causing a rise in food prices: Agri SA

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A targeted intervention to increase the diesel rebate for the agricultural sector would alleviate the pressure that is causing food prices to rise in South Africa. That’s according to Agri SA Chief Executive, Christo van der Rheede. He says this is the only sustainable option over the coming months, given the current pressure on the fiscus.

South Africans were slapped with a massive hike in the price of fuel this week, with some analysts predicting that the average food basket will soon become unaffordable for the majority of citizens. Van der Rheede says this is a difficult time.

“We are very worried, food will become more expensive and that’s why we have called on government to assist the agricultural sector with an increase in the diesel rebate, so that farmers can access cheaper diesel, get a rebate on the diesel that they purchase in order for them to plant more hectares,” says Van der Rheede.

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