ActionSA aims for not less than 10% in 2024 elections

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ActionSA says it is gunning for no less than a 10% of national support in the 2024 national and provincial elections.

The party has wrapped up its inaugural policy conference in Ekurhuleni.

Over 600 delegates discussed 11 key policy proposals, among them healthcare, foreign policy and economic inclusion.

Participating for the first time in what is expected to be the most hotly contested national and provincial elections in 2024, ActionSA is seeking an outcome that will give them significant representation in Parliament.

ActionSA national chairperson Michael Beaumont says, “ActionSA senate has just recently concluded its strategic planning process for the elections and obviously ActionSA is an unknown entity. As you see it right now, polls are coming out, when it comes to ActionSA you can laugh at those polls, they mean nothing.”

“Because there are people who are going to vote for ActionSA who haven’t heard of us. Today, they’re going to hear of us tomorrow and next week and next month. But certainly, what I can tell you is the percentage figure we are talking about, is double digits and that means 40 plus Members of Parliament,” adds Beaumont.

The video is today’s proceedings of ActionSA policy conference: