ACDP urges Platfontein residents in Northern Cape to vote for change

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African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) took its election campaign to the settlement of the San people at Platfontein in Northern Cape.

The party says they hope their policies, which are based on Christian values, will appeal to more voters in the May elections.

The party currently does not have any representation in the provincial legislature.

Party leader Kenneth Meshoe has appealed to voters to give his party a chance.

Meshoe says the living conditions of people in Platfontein are shocking. Musungo Jengu, a 71-years-old pensioner, was one of the people Meshoe visited.

The old man, who lost his wife, currently lives with his six children and his five grandchildren, under one roof.

“As you can see, I have nothing. No one is helping me. My children and I don’t have food. We don’t even have blankets.”

Another resident, Vello Penza, says there is a huge challenge of water and electricity in the area.

“Everything is a mess, not all houses have electricity and water. For the past 19 years, we have been suffering here in Platfontein. We only see government people during elections. I am not fine at all.”

The ACDP’s provincial premier candidate, Jonathan Sukers, says the province needs a change of leadership.

“I think the biggest change we need in this area is leadership change. I think the reason why we are sitting with our communities in this state is because we don’t have leadership that really cares about this community. We believe as ACDP if we get into government, we will be able to bring transformation in this community.”

Meshoe says his party does not believe in short term solutions.

“ACDP cares for people, ACDP hears the cries of the people.  We are not here with food parcels, we are here as people who say we want to serve you, we want to help you. We are speaking on behalf of people from Northern Cape who are suffering, change your vote, there is ACDP that cares for people, that cares for you, that can ensure that your life can be treated with respect and get proper services you deserve.”

During the Platfontein visit the party committed to assisting the 71-year-old Jengu with renovations and skills for residents to plant their own fruit and vegetables.