A deadly new drug has hit streets of Durban

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Fears are growing over a new deadly drug that has hit the streets of Durban.  The drug known as “flakka” or “gravel” can cause hyper-stimulation, aggression, hallucinations, and according to some even cannibalistic tendencies.

The drug can turn its users into zombies or drive them to commit suicide. Some experts even say the drug can turn people into cannibals.

The drug – which is now making the rounds in some parts of Durban – has swept the streets of Australia and the US since 2014. Hundreds of videos have surfaced on social media showing users of the drug in a state of panic, unable to talk or understand what is going on around them.

Anti Drug Forum South Africa Director Sam Pillay says symptoms of the new drug Flakka include becoming violent and hallucinating.

“We worried, because of its great negative impact on the individual and people around as well. Its in the form of crystal, like rough salt, so be weary about that. The fact that its launched now, its November , exams are going to be over the next week or so, parties are going to start and I’m just urging people who want to party to avoid this one.”

Last week, a man was arrested for allegedly selling the deadly drug. A 32-year-old man arrested for allegedly selling the drug has appeared in court and remains in custody.

Parents have been cautioned to monitor their children closely as the drug could have dire consequences.

Pillay says the new drug looks like coarse salt and can also be used to spike a drink. She warns that Flakka is very dangerous.


“We are very very devastated with this new because the Flakka is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. It’s so scary that we found some evidence of Flakka in Durban recently.”