De Lille calls for action on socio-economic issues in South Africa

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The leader of the GOOD party, Patricia De Lille, has called on South Africans to help solve the country’s socio-economic ills.

De Lille was speaking at the launch of party’s election manifesto at Liliesfarm in Johannesburg on Saturday.

South Africans are headed to the polls to vote for a new government on May 29th.

De Lille has called on South Africans to take part in addressing the country’s socio-economic ills, including crime, high unemployment and poverty. She says the current government has failed to fulfill its promises to deliver basic services.

“Colonialism and apartheid stripped the indigenous people of their land, livelihoods, and their dignity. 30 years ago, we said the injustice and suffering must stop. We negotiated a progressive constitution and elected a rock-star president.

“Parliament rolled up its sleeves and shucked out all the discriminatory laws, but while the lucky few amongst us lived good qualities of lives, millions of our people continue to suffer,” she says.


Basic income grant

The Good Party has called for the introduction of a R1000 basic income grant to stop what it calls “the continuing suffering of millions of poor South Africans”.

De Lille says escalating poverty is reversing the gains of the 1994 democratic breakthrough.

“The present suffering of our people demands the implementation of the B.I.G. The fact that our economy is not growing and not creating enough jobs is not the fault of poor people it is because of poor leadership. A GOOD government will implement a B.I.G of a minimum of R999 per month for all unemployed people. We can afford a B.I.G through a professionalised public service, cutting out corruption and some tax reforms.”

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